Thursday, May 1, 2014

Research Blog #10


Throughout my research process, I have developed a main case that is the core of my argument.  This main case describes the relationship between soft skills (a modern concept that is further defined in my paper) and Greek-letter organizations.  The main research question that I asked was “How does being in a Greek-letter organization benefit a member once they are on the pursuit to enter the professional world?” This was when I discovered soft skills and decided to make them the main topic of my research paper.  I found that though there is no hard evidence that Greeks are more likely to be hired than non-Greeks, I did find a strong connection between soft skills and members of fraternities and sororities.  These soft skills have shown to benefit the work ethic of those in the professional world.  I also found that these Greek organizations both pre-screen for soft skills during the recruitment process and develop them through the Greek experience.  

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